Our prospectus

Our prospectus

Individual and group consultancy
Providing high quality support, advice and practical assistance – in relation to particular issues and problems, and about the processes involved in tackling them. Ekklesia has a particular concern for theologically-resourced ways of working.

Training and development
The design and delivery of on-site learning aimed at improving the performance of individuals, groups, networks and organizations. We work in a hands-on way, combining expertise with participation.

Facilitation skills
Providing people who can lead, chair, host, facilitate or enable your group, committee or event – usually on a one-off basis. Also, equipping other people to develop these roles.

Seminars on religion and public life
Ekklesia can provide experts speakers on a range of topics related to our twelve subject areas: Religion and society; Community and family; Life and death; Crime and justice; Ecology and environment; Race and identity; Peace and war; Sex and gender; Economy and politics; Education and culture; People and power; Globalisation and development.

Conferences and events
Ekklesia organizes, partners, sponsors and supports a variety of conferences for those who want to meet with others with a similar area of interest, in an informative, stimulating, and challenging environment. Upcoming events are advertised on this web site and via our mailing list.

Ekklesia provides half-day or full day workshops on a range of political, social and ethical issues from a theological perspective. Designed for both small and large groups, these are particularly useful for people who want to know more about how to apply their faith to the world around them. They can be customised to suit the needs of the particular group, and combine both theory and practical exercises.

Briefings for journalists and others
Ekklesia can offer personal or group briefings on issues concerned with religion and public life for journalists, researchers and those working on public policy. We can do this face-to-face, via telephone, email or video-conferencing.

Research and writing
From time-to-time Ekklesia undertakes writing and research for other agencies, newspapers, magazines and broadcast organizations.

Web and email based news
You can receive Ekklesia's news by email direct to your inbox every week. To sign up for our weekly email news bulletin click here. If you would like a free news feed on your web site containing the latest headlines from Ekklesia click here. We also provide a range of other services for 'webmasters' (of either gender).

Publicity, media and press work
Ekklesia can work with your group to improve its performance and profile in relation to both the religious and secular media – print, broadcast, web and interactive. We can also assist with ideas for PR and publicity. And we also help with press conferences.

Mediation and conflict transformation
A number of our partners offer specialist services in handling conflict creatively, using workshops, consultancy and other techniques to move from confrontation to creativity. Occasionally Ekklesia staff will assist groups or individuals in this area. Confidentiality is paramount to us.

Theological education
Ekklesia can provide general and specialist theological training, both for church groups and colleges, and for those outside faith communities who want to find out more. Theology is about how coherent Christian understanding is developed through methodological, creative and prayerful investigation of (and reflection on) texts, traditions and contemporary insights together.


To find out more about any of the above why not drop us an email with the type of service that you are interested in.

Write to Simon Barrow: office@ekklesia.co.uk

If you don't see listed the type of service you are interested in, why not let us know what you need, and if we can't help you we will try and point you in the direction of someone who can.

See also our detailed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and values statement.