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A guide to animal sponsorship

Sponsoring or adopting an animal is quick and easy to do online. The main places to sponsor or adopt an animal are: Buyagift or WWF. In each place when you sponsor or adopt an animal you get a gift pack including details of the animal and lots of extras.

Adopt a grizzled leaf monkey - monkey sponsorship gifts

By staff writers
5 Feb 2008
Adopt a monkey

You can adopt an animal online through the WWF.

The Grizzled Leaf Monkey is registered on the IUCN Red List as an endangered species. This species of Old World monkey, normally found in the lowland rainforests of Java, Indonesia, has suffered greatly at the hands of human beings. Its habitat has been cleared for logging and industrial and urban expansion. It is estimated that fewer than 1,000 of this species of monkey now exist in the wild.

The WWF provides protection for monkeys, and they desperately need your help for this vital work. By sponsoring or adopting a monkey you can help them in this vital work, and give a creative gift to a friend or loved one at the same time. It can all be done quickly and easily online, and can make for a great gift for any animal lover.

The WWF is dedicated to nurturing and protecting endangered species of animals from all over the world. Their website offers you the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of many different species that desperately need protection. Through its animal adoption and sponsorship scheme it returns endangered animals to safe, natural habitats.

To sponsor an animal through the WWF click here.

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