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Ekklesia is not just a think-tank, but also a 'do-tank.' Here you can find a range of ideas on how to make your lifestyle greener, shop ethically, live more simply or take action on a range of justice and environmental issues.
19 Jun 2008

Wind up radios and solar powered radios

There is now a great range of solar powered radios and wind up radios that you can buy to do you bit for the environment _________________________________________
2 Mar 2008

Subscribe to Good Woodworking Magazine

It has often been said that we live in a throwaway culture, where things aren’t built to last and well-built, old but long-lasting items are often consigned to the scrapheap long before their time. Take out a subscription to Good Woodworking magazine here _________________________________________
2 Mar 2008

Subscribe to Country Walking Magazine and get a free Weather Station

If you enjoy walking and you’re generally interested in the countryside get a subscription to Country Walking magazine _________________________________________
2 Mar 2008

Get a subscription to Country Living magazine

We all need to get away from the stress of everyday life from time to time. Get a Subscription to country living magazine _________________________________________
28 Feb 2008

Subscribe to Ethical Living Magazine

Our global village is in a state of crisis regarding so many issues, and it is very important to be aware of how to live ethically. Why not get a subscription to Ethical Living Magazine? _________________________________________
28 Feb 2008

Subscribe to Go Green magazine

If you want to know how to make green consumer choices, how to travel in an eco-friendly way, or what the current thinking on climate change is, why not consider a subscription to Go Green Magazine? _________________________________________
27 Feb 2008

Subscribe to Natural Health and Well-Being Magazine

Modern day life is often very stressful, why not consider a subscription to Natural Health and Wellbeing Magazine? _________________________________________
27 Feb 2008

Subscribe to Nature Magazine - get a subscription to Nature

If you’re interested in cutting edge scientific news, why not consider a subscription to Nature magazine? _________________________________________
5 Feb 2008

Adopt a grizzled leaf monkey - monkey sponsorship gifts

Sponsoring a monkey makes a great gift. You could sponsor or adopt Jakarta, a playful and adventurous Grizzled Leaf monkey currently resident at Howletts, a reserve park owned by the Aspinall Foundation. _________________________________________
10 Dec 2007

Recycled cardboard toys for children

There are now a wide range of recycled carboard toys available to children - great for birthdays, Christmas, or just for playtime! Green and eco-friendly, they are also educational and stimulate your child's development. All the children's recycled cardboard toys are available from the Ethical Superstore _________________________________________