2 Dec 2014

Yeb Sano, the young Filipino diplomat who wept and fasted for two weeks after super-typhoon Haiyan devastated his country, has been excluded from UN Climate Talks.

1 Dec 2014

More than 4 in 5 British adults say tax avoidance by large companies is morally wrong even if legal, concludes a new ComRes poll for Christian Aid and ActionAid.

30 Nov 2014

A mass trial for almost 500 people is about to resume in Egypt which may see death sentences handed down to the defendants, including an Irish teenager arrested last year.

29 Nov 2014

Poor Brazilian farmers have won a David v Goliath battle to be exempted from huge tax demands for land where they have lived and worked for over a century.

29 Nov 2014

Pope Francis has undertaken a fourth papal visit to Turkey amid much ignorance and misunderstanding. Ekklesia associate and regional expert Dr Harry Hagopian says that the present leader of the worldwide Catholic Church came to Ankara and Istanbul with three overarching objectives. He looks at what those are and why they are important politically and religiously.

28 Nov 2014

A group of Baka tribespeople in southeast Cameroon have begged the WWF to stop funding the anti-poaching squads responsible for persecution of the Baka.