9 Apr 2015

New research published by False Economy has uncovered a huge surge in low-income families being summoned to court for non-payment of council tax.

9 Apr 2015

The aim of a new grassroots alliance, the Scottish Football Supporters Association, is to 'reclaim the game' for ordinary people and communities – to give Scottish football a real 'democratic moment', says Simon Barrow. This is important culturally and politically, not just for those who like sport. Community ownership and engagement is a core part of the new organisation's purpose.

8 Apr 2015

The Church of Scotland has highlighted the price paid by the one in five Scots households who do not have internet access.

7 Apr 2015

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said that her party will act as a progressive force for the whole of the UK in the event of a hung parliament.

7 Apr 2015

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond is refusing to request the release of a British citizen who was kidnapped and rendered to Ethiopia over nine months ago, it has emerged.

5 Apr 2015

Savi Hensman reflects upon Jesus' encounter with a deeply disturbed and isolated man and poses questions as to its meaning for the church and society of our own time.

4 Apr 2015

Thousands of people have marched through Glasgow today, calling for an end to Trident nuclear weapons at a time of growing poverty.